Thursday, September 28, 2023

How to Get Post ID by Post Title in WordPress

If you want to get the post ID of a particular post on your WordPress site, you can use the built-in function get_the_id(). It prints the post’s ID when a mouse hover occurs over the post’s title. It also allows you to get other details, including the post’s slug, description, taxonomy, and parent post ID. To use this function, add a global $post variable at the start of your script.

If you have access to the parent post’s slug, you can also use the get_page_by-title() function. You can also get the post’s id by post title using the get_the_title() function. The function returns the post’s post id in numeric form, and you can use this to find out which post is the parent.

Another way to get the post ID is by editing the post in the WordPress admin panel. If you have not edited a post yet, you can find the post ID by heading to Posts/All posts. Then, you can click on the “edit” option to edit the post.

If you’re building a custom plugin, you may need to know the post ID to use it. The post ID is used to identify specific posts and pages in WordPress. It may also be required for custom shortcodes and plugins.

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